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Skai collaborates with ForwardPMX on the design of a new feature that surfaces product insights and optimization opportunities


ForwardPMX is a global brand performance marketing agency who works with a diverse range of clients across retail, nonprofit, travel, real estate, technology and more. One of ForwardPMX’s larger retail clients was looking for an efficient way to view product-level performance metrics, a task that would typically take the agency 2-3 days per month, due to the lengthy process of pulling reports to access this granular level of data. ForwardPMX presented their data challenges to Skai and began working with our product team to identify a solution. The goal was to easily access product-level data to better optimize towards certain categories and products.


ForwardPMX became a design partner with Skai to develop the Products Grid to help solve their challenge. This new grid provides product-level performance, including clicks, conversions, attributes and categories. ForwardPMX is now able to leverage this information to identify optimization opportunities and spot trends in product performance. This has given the team much deeper insights and understanding of specific product performance which they cannot receive elsewhere, and has saved the team significant time. Skai plans to continue working with ForwardPMX to enhance the Product Grid even further.


  • Granular views of the data revealed opportunities for more efficient ways to optimize between campaigns as well as incremental spend in specific categories.
  • Product-level data is accessible by both the agency and client daily, without the need for back and forth manual pulls between both parties and a merging of data.
  • Product-level data is now compiled between engines for the first time on any platform, resulting in more holistic insights.
  • With the ability to filter and group by all attributes of the products, new learnings have been highlighted such as title and description opportunities, investment shifts, engine differences, and much more.

Performance Data

  • Time savings: On average, went from spending 2-3 days per month pulling reports to having access within minutes
  • Reporting: The client now has access to real-time data across channels, as opposed to having to pull multiple channel monthly reports.

Performance Impact


Average-order-value grew 43.52% as a result of product-level analysis displayed in the Product Grid.


rise in ROI upon increasing spend on higher priced products, based on insights uncovered in the Product Grid


in incremental value after an opportunity to focus on the indoor category was unlocked in the Product Grid

“Skai was able to roll out a product that not only solved for several of our more manual and time-consuming data pulls, but also added an additional layer of insight that’s easily accessible day-to-day. The Skai team has made the process painless, and we could not be more satisfied with the outcome!”

Marisa Braca, Paid Media Director, ForwardPMX

About ForwardPMX

ForwardPMX is a global data and technology driven marketing services company, designed to help brands find the changes that deliver meaningful growth to their businesses. With over 20 offices worldwide and 1,000 of the industry’s most distinguished talent, ForwardPMX brings a unified global vision, with local depth and expertise across a comprehensive set of data, technology and performance solutions that reach people all over the world. By pairing people with data-led processes and powerful technology capabilities, ForwardPMX is uniquely positioned to deliver scale and accelerate problem solving. ForwardPMX is a proud member of The Stagwell Group.

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