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Skai Slashes Ineffective Ad Spend by 18% for Reckitt Mexico on Amazon with Search Term Analysis


Reckitt Mexico faced the challenge of enhancing the efficiency of their retail media expenditure on the Amazon platform.


To address this challenge, Reckitt Hygiene Mexico, with brands such as Air Wick, Lysol, Vanish, Harpic, Finish & Brasso, utilized Skai’s™ advanced Search Term Analysis tool which enabled them to pinpoint underperforming keywords within their Amazon advertising campaigns. By identifying these areas, they were able to strategically exclude these keywords and reallocate the budget towards more promising campaigns.


Through this approach, the brand achieved greater efficiency in its retail media spend on Amazon, leading to improved overall campaign performance and resource allocation. Skai’s search term analysis tool helped Reckitt Mexico optimize its advertising strategy by eliminating 536 low-performing keywords. Notably, the brand made the strategic decision to refrain from allocating any additional budget to the identified underperforming keywords which represented 18% of their monthly advertising spend.

By focusing on areas of higher search interest, Reckitt Hygiene Mexico maximized the impact of its advertising efforts without increasing expenditure Overall, they were able to lower the cost by 47%, allowing them to focus on penetration, and increasing revenue by 14% with the optimization. This data-driven approach ensured that the brand continued to target its audience effectively while optimizing its budget allocation.

Reckitt Hygiene Mexico’s partnership with Skai and the utilization of their search terms analysis tool exemplify the potential of data-driven decision-making.

“Skai’s Search Term Analysis tool revolutionized our approach to Amazon advertising. By swiftly identifying and eliminating underperforming keywords, we efficiently reallocated our budget, resulting in a 18% reduction in monthly spend on ineffective topics.”

Daniela Herrera González
Performance Marketing Manager

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