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Reckitt Mexico achieves a 55% ROI and 33% revenue increase for SICO with Skai’s AI bidding and budget optimizations


Reckitt Mexico’s marketing team is continually seeking methods to enhance efficiency in both their ad spending and time management. Specifically for the SICO brand, Reckitt’s primary objective is to attain greater control over their Amazon Ads campaigns, with the ultimate aim of boosting their return on ad spend (ROAS) and overall return on investment (ROI). They were in search of strategies to enhance performance, streamline operations, automate workflows, and promote efficiency throughout the SICO team and Amazon Ads program.


Reckitt turned to their technology partner, Skai™ in order to streamline SICO’s advertising operations, not only to save valuable time for the team but also to enhance the efficiency of their campaigns.

Reckitt took control of the SICO campaigns by organizing them based on goal KPIs with Portfolios. Subsequently, Reckitt optimized their campaigns towards these goals using Budget Navigator, which employed AI-backed budget optimizations to adjust bids and budgets based on historical performance and predictive modeling.

In addition to these optimizations, Reckitt harnessed another one of Skai’s machine-learning capabilities: AI Dayparting. This tool was activated for SICO’s Sponsored Products campaigns and dynamically adjusted their bids throughout the day in response to low and peak hours, resulting in improved campaign performance.


With the implementation of these management tools, Reckitt gained control over SICO’s advertising campaigns and harnessed efficiency potential. They efficiently saved valuable time for their team while driving performance improvements.

By leveraging these bidding and budget optimizations, SICO witnessed a month-to-month (August-September) ROI increase of 55%.

“Skai’s technology has proven to be a game-changer for us. With just two easy-to-use tools, we have reached new levels of efficiency and achieved remarkable ROI and Revenue gains.”

Marisol Zavala
Sr. Manager Consumer Marketing Health

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