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Reckitt Australia Drives 94% Revenue Growth and 12% Higher ROAS from Amazon Ads with Skai


It was becoming increasingly difficult for Reckitt Australia’s performance marketing team to drive sustained results from Amazon Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Products campaigns for Finish, Harpic, Vanish, Pine O Clean, Air Wick, and other category leading products. The tools they had access to were limited and lacked the flexibility, control, and automation required to maximize impact from Amazon Ads.


Reckitt Australia turned to Skai’s advanced retail media technology to accelerate performance and drive efficiencies.

With Budget Navigator, Reckitt Australia leveraged Skai’s predictive statistical models to forecast results, scenario plan, and fully automate budget allocations across campaigns. In parallel, Skai’s bid-to-ROI optimization helped Reckitt Australia set bid management on autopilot. Harnessing AI and machine learning, Skai’s algorithms predict the performance of keywords, then auto-optimize bids to maximize sales, while respecting ROI limits.

Skai’s Automated Actions helped Reckitt Australia monitor its program’s health and take action to prevent problems. For example, whenever campaign budgets neared depletion, Skai’s Automated Actions automatically replenished funds to prevent ads from going dark. This kept Reckitt Australia’s ads live at all times, reducing ad serving errors and lost sales.

Reckitt Australia leveraged Skai to monitor and optimize its share of voice (SOV) on Amazon. Share of voice is the percentage of on-screen real estate that a brand or a brand’s product captures within an average search results page for a given keyword or set of keywords. Monitoring and optimizing SOV is an essential practice for any brand that aspires to win the digital shelf. Skai’s proprietary SOV data helped Reckitt Australia analyze its SOV growth in real time, identify the keywords that were causing it to lag behind, and take action to maintain and grow category leadership.

Finally, Skai’s Experiments helped Reckitt Australia launch tests and analyze results with ease. Through interactive dashboards and visualizations, Reckitt Australia distilled learnings quickly, surfaced insights fast, and took action within a few clicks. This cultivated a test-and-learn culture that drove more effective, data-driven decisions and optimizations.


During the first three months of adoption, Skai’s suite of advanced capabilities for Amazon Ads helped Reckitt Australia increase revenue by 94% and ROAS by 12% compared to the previous three months. Compared to the  same period the previous year, Reckitt achieved a 97% increase in revenue, with spend going up by 112%, and a slight decrease in ROAS of no more than 7%.

“Skai moved the needle for our retail media performance. With Skai’s advanced tools for Amazon Ads, we were able to drive revenue and improve ROAS in ways we hadn’t been able to before.”

Janice Zhang, Performance Marketing Manager, Reckitt

Performance Data


Higher Revenue*


Higher ROAS*

*comparing the first three months using Skai (May – August 2021), to the three months prior to adoption (February – April 2021)


Higher Revenue*


Higher ROAS*

**and a decrease in ROAS by no more than 7% when comparing year over year (May-December 2021 vs. 2020).

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Reckitt’s well-loved brands, including Finish, Pine O Cleen, Air Wick, Harpic, and Vanish have been making a difference in people’s daily lives around the world for more than 200 years.

By 2030, Reckitt’s ambition is to reach half of the world, every year. They’re a growing global community of over 43,000 people on a journey of transformation and sustainable growth.

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