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Habi Boosts Revenue by 40.8% and Posts 35% Incremental ROI Growth with Skai

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Habi was looking to find the optimal budget allocation across different Performance Max campaigns to maximize their return on investment across Google Ads. Additionally, they needed to monitor their campaigns more closely, and optimize goals more often based on their ROI goals and changing market conditions.


Habi turned to Skai’s optimization features to boost their Performance Max campaign efficiency across Google by using the platform’s innovative features.

One of the features they used was Skai’s Portfolio, which helped them group their Performance Max campaigns into one portfolio and automatically adjust bids and budgets based on their business goals. Portfolio, built on Skai’s proprietary AI, uses advanced cluster algorithms to analyze campaign data and optimize the campaigns for optimal results.

Another feature they used was Skai’s Budget Navigator, which helped them set and track a target budget and ROI for their Portfolio. The feature, also built on Skai’s AI, uses smart recommendations to suggest how to allocate the budget across Portfolios for optimal performance and efficiency. Additionally, it provided comprehensive performance metrics, allowing them to monitor campaign results and make data-driven decisions.

With these features, Habi created two Portfolios, one for each Performance Max campaign, and assigned them to one Budget Navigator. They set their target budget and ROI for the whole portfolio, increasing the effectiveness and profitability of their campaigns.


By leveraging Skai’s Portfolio and Budget Navigator features, Habi efficiently optimized their bids and budgets, significantly improving their performance. Habi boosted their revenue and incremental ROI for their Performance Max campaigns exceeding their business goals across Google. They achieved a 40.8% increase in revenue and a 35% growth in incremental ROI for their Performance Max campaigns within four weeks.

“At Habi, we are constantly working on the continuous improvement of our Paid Media processes in order to positively impact the company’s CAC and be cost-efficient. For this reason, Skai’s Portfolio and Budget Navigator have been vital tools to take our Performance Max campaigns to the next level and achieve the best costs in the last 5 months.”

Walter Gómez
Paid Media Specialist, Habi

About Habi

Habi, Colombia’s second unicorn, is the leading residential real estate company in Spanish-speaking LatAm on a mission to unlock access to liquidity and information for Latin American families. Habi’s data-driven approach allows it to offer a range of products and services – including iBuying, brokerage, financial services, marketplace and a home e-valuation tool.

Habi operates in more than 15 cities in Mexico and Colombia, which have a total estimated population exceeding 60 million. For more information on Habi, visit or

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