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Frasers Group improves ROAS and scales success with Skai’s Experiments

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Frasers Group, owner of the UK-based retail chain Sports Direct, first came to Skai for assistance with bringing its massive paid search program in-house. Frasers Group also sought to ensure its program adhered to Google’s best practices, especially with broad match keywords, while avoiding performance drops as the team adopted new technology and built its in-house paid search team.


Frasers Group turned to Skai’s Expert Services Team to help guide the onboarding and enablement process through its Transitional Services offering and asked the team to audit its account practices to find areas of efficiency and opportunity. After an initial audit, Frasers Group also asked the Expert Services Team to implement its recommendations and manage the program while it hired staff. Working together, the teams quickly found Skai’s Paid Search Experiments tool to be invaluable in ensuring broad match search terms were rolled out efficiently, as well as in making quick decisions on the large account that drove performance and adoption of channel best practices.


Due to the combined efforts of Frasers Group and Skai’s Expert Services Team, overall results improved dramatically when using Skai Experiments to test and roll out broad match keywords and Google’s Smart Bidding across non-brand campaigns. Over a six-week testing period, revenue for generic campaigns using both broad match and Smart BIdding improved by 172%, while overall campaign ROAS went up 84% on the test campaigns.

Moreover, using the Experiments tool to test and learn on a continual basis was so successful that the teams applied these learnings and sped up the adoption of these best practices across all other campaigns, ensuring overall program health and efficient operations.

“Skai Experiments have enabled us to run several crucial tests to overhaul our PPC activity using Google best practices. Being able to apply Experiments at scale has been extremely useful, allowing us to obtain the data we need to make quick decisions and improve account performance.”

Aron Blair, PPC Manager, Frasers Group

About Frasers Group

Frasers Group started as a small store in Maidenhead in 1982 and from there, grew to become a global powerhouse. As the business evolved, 2019 saw the rebrand of Sports Direct International to Frasers Group plc; a reflection of the Groups growth and change in market identity.

Led by new Chief Executive Michael Murray, the business is set on a formidable upwards trajectory as it continues to expand with its pioneering approach to retail. Frasers Group provides consumers with access to the world’s best sports, premium and luxury brands by providing a world-leading retail ecosystem and continues to be a leader in the industry.

Frasers Group is committed to rethinking retail by driving digital innovation and providing unique store experiences to its consumers globally.

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