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Skai cuts cost-per-purchase for Busuu Apple Search Ads campaigns by 50% with custom product pages


In 2022, Apple rolled out a new creative feature for Apple Search Ads called custom product pages, which allow advertisers to serve specific and distinct search results ad variations, based on how a user searches. Busuu, a leader in the mobile language-learning space, saw a huge opportunity here. Tailoring the user journey by the language a user is seeking to learn could greatly enhance the performance of its Apple Search Ads campaigns and drive better results.

Busuu runs a robust and comprehensive Apple Search Ads account highly focused on conversation data. The team sought to apply custom product pages in bulk across the account in a streamlined and efficient manner, while monitoring conversion performance.


Skai’s mission is to take the manual work out of mobile marketing so advertisers can devote more time to strategically growing their clicks, installs, downloads, and usage while lowering expense metrics like cost-per-install and cost-per-tap. Shortly after the feature was launched, Skai developed support of custom product pages for clients advertising on Apple Search Ads. For custom product pages, Skai’s App Marketing solution offers added-value functionality to make them easier to manage in a shorter amount of time while enabling advanced analytics capabilities. With Skai, advertisers can apply more than one custom product page to each ad group and see lower funnel conversion data.

Skai’s support for custom product pages solved Busuu’s two key challenges: (1) Applying custom product pages in bulk across several different ad groups at once and (2) viewing conversion data from its MMP for the metrics the team cares about most. Both data and workflow exist directly in the Skai platform, allowing Busuu to leverage and test different custom product pages.


By serving a specific ad variation based on the specific search term, engagement increased, enhancing the likelihood of a conversion. With this improvement to user experience, Busuu saw a 47% increase in click-through-rate, a 44% increase in install rate, and a 50% decrease in the cost-per-purchase, Busuu’s top key performance indicator.

  • Click-through-rate: increased 47%
  • Install rate: increased 44%
  • Cost-per-purchase: decreased 50%

“Skai’s support for Apple’s custom product pages is outstanding. Creating, managing, and reporting on custom product pages within the Skai platform was simple, efficient, and worthwhile. It provided an invaluable boost to our account, evidenced by the performance data.”

Eva Lacovou
Paid Search Manager

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