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AMQ Saves Time Using Skai Audit To Maintain SEM Account Hygiene For Daimler

60 %
Time Savings


Skai was selected as Daimler’s preferred global search technology partner in August 2018. In the German market specifically, where search activity is centred on driving performance for 280 dealerships, the campaigns are managed by AMQ, a brand within Omnicom Media Group’s agency, OMD.60


Prior to using Skai, the AMQ team created campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords for all 200+ dealers within Google Ads directly. It became increasingly time consuming to manage and optimize campaigns at scale, such as when dealers had multiple promotions running simultaneously, and maintaining the overall structure and health of accounts was challenging when there were so many to manage. 


Using Skai Search, AMQ was able to bring a new level of efficiency, scale and automation to the Daimler account by taking advantage of the following Skai features:

  • Bulksheets: Prior to using bulksheets, AMQ would download all account data from Google Ads Editor, make the changes and re-upload it — a process that took an entire day. With Skai Bulksheets, they were able to create and edit entities across all 200+ accounts and upload the data in less than five minutes.
  • Analysis Grid: The team used Skai’s sophisticated Analysis Grid to quickly filter and identify performance issues across all of its accounts, such as ads with an empty field. They would download a bulksheet of the ads that needed attention and quickly fix them.
  • Skai Audit: Launched in March 2019, Skai Audit removes all of the manual work associated with maintaining account hygiene, replacing it with AI-driven automation. It allows AMQ to perform a daily check across all 200+ accounts for any irregularities around customized rules — in this case, active keywords, the number of active ads, use of headline and description lines, paths and responsive search ads. Not only that, the insights it generates are actionable, meaning the issues can be addressed immediately, across multiple accounts at once.


The AMQ team saved ~40% of the time that they would previously spend creating and editing campaign structures and maintaining the health of an account in Google Adwords. When addressing mass campaign changes across all dealers, the time savings is as high as 50-60%.


With 280 dealers to manage, maintaining the overall structure and health of accounts was challenging.


Using Bulksheets, Analysis Grid and Auditing features, AMQ was able to bring a new level of efficiency, scale and automation to the Daimler account.


Time savings as high as 50-60%.

“We’ve always loved Skai’s Analysis Grid - but Skai Audit has changed the game even further. We now have an established system for quality management which takes no time at all to maintain across 200+ accounts”

Till Hoffmann, Global Search Lead, AMQ