Skai’s Executive Solutions: Helping media executives make better decisions faster

What is Executive Solutions?

Skai’s Executive Solutions are a brand new suite of features designed and built to help today’s heads of media oversee, orchestrate, plan and forecast their omnichannel performance media programs. 

These one-of-a-kind features hold together your performance media program by providing the data organization and data visbility executive users need to see over the highest of walled gardens and orchestrate and plan their omnichannel media programs. 

What are the benefits?

With features like Executive HQ, Media Plans and Media Forecasting, media executives get the connected data, omnichannel visibility, and tailored alerts and insights they need to:

Control budget and avoid overspend
Maximize performance and speed up decision making
Uncover growth opportunities and accelerate impact

What are the use cases?

Executive HQ

Get spend, pacing and performance results today with immediate visibility and analysis across your media program

Media Forecasting

Make decisions for tomorrow and make a bigger impact using predictive analysis of budget changes

Media Plans

Power it all by inputting budget and ROI goals on a monthly or multi-month basis