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61 %
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AMARO is Latin America’s largest digitally native vertical fashion brand. Founded in 2012, AMARO sells the latest trends at fair prices and through unprecedented convenience. The brand sells omni-channel on amaro.com, its mobile apps and via digitally immersive brick-and-mortar Guide Shops. Headquartered in São Paulo, it employs a team of 400 digital innovators.

Challenge & Solution

E-Commerce growth in the fashion vertical has been skyrocketing, with leading vendors experiencing explosive year-over-year growth during H1 2018 (“Why Fast Fashion is Experiencing Rapid Growth,” eMarketer) And with shortened lead times to deliver the latest trends to eager consumers, the pressure to drive more loyalty and more mindshare is pushing marketing teams to dramatically scale their outreach to their core audiences.

To meet this challenge, AMARO built a task force with Skai experts and Facebook advisors. This team provided guidance for implementing new best practice approaches for executing more agile campaign structures while still maintaining tight controls on digital performance.

AMARO’s “connection with the Skai team” played a strong role as AMARO’s Head of Performance Marketing, André Martins, expressed that the “calls and meetings [with Skai] are always very insightful, and we managed to build an effective workflow between our team and theirs.”

As a result, AMARO focused on leveraging powerful automation capabilities to scale the efforts of their media team. Skai’s Automated Actions was used to implement algorithmically-driven campaign bid and structure changes based on real-time performance factors including weather conditions. Automated Actions actively adjusted bids, budgets and ad set status in order to ensure campaign efficacy and maintain a significant return on investment. Below are ways that Skai’s technology helped fuel AMARO’s success:

Automated Actions for Weather

Ads highlighting specific apparel were delivered during relevant weather conditions. With AMARO Jackets and Coats being a top seller for the brand, they were able to deliver ads for these products whenever temperatures reached certain levels or whenever it began to rain. The increase in relevancy led to an improvement in return on ad spend and 84% increase in click-through rates.

Automated Actions for Performance Trends

As ad sets began to increase in Return on Ad Spend, budgets were ramped up to allow strong performing ad sets to scale in real-time, while bids were decreased for low performing ad sets in order to manage a controlled acquisition cost. These real-time responses to trends were crucial to the program’s success.


As a result of this new scalable approach to media, AMARO’s marketing team drove conversions and increased sales by 52% and grew gross merchandise value by 61%!

For core ad formats, AMARO found great success in utilizing Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. Deploying these ads with Skai resulted in the following improved marketing metrics:

+84% increase in click-through rate as a result of optimizations made to increase relevance

-38% decrease in cost per acquisition due to bid and budget optimizations


Using dynamic product advertising, AMARO stayed ahead of the knockoffs and proved that engaging consumers through a scalable media program can rack up sales and dress down the competition.

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As AMARO started to exponentially grow in size and online presence, they had a challenge of managing their campaigns and paid channels in the most efficient way possible.

AMARO leveraged Skai’s Automated Actions feature to implement bid and structure changes based on real-time performance factors and weather conditions.

+84% increase in click-through rate as a result of optimizations made to increase relevance

-38% decrease in cost per acquisition due to bid and budget optimizations made

+61% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (the total value of merchandise sold over a given period of time and is used to measure the growth of a retail business) compared to 2017 social media results

+52% more transactions were driven from Dynamic Product Ads.


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“After a long and detailed market research and studies comparing all the features each platform had to offer, we considered Skai’s solution the most complete on the market.”

André Martins, AMARO – Head of Performance Marketing