Our unique, best-in-class capabilities

Campaign creation and management

Create campaigns in bulk all in one flow and manage campaigns across accounts.

Full funnel bid optimization

Manage keyword bids across the entire account. (We were the first-to-market on this feature, so we know it better than anyone.)

MMP Integration and data consolidation

View all MMP and publisher data in one place to quickly make data-driven decisions.

Robust reporting and cohort analysis

Slice and dice the data in real time however you see fit.

Mobile app expertise and client support

Work closely with our dedicated apps team to understand best practices and achieve KPIs.

App store visibility: boost listings and get noticed

Access all the right levers for total app placement control in iOS and Android app stores.

  • Activate app store optimization to reach and acquire new, lasting customers

  • Deliver campaigns that reach your customers in discovery mode at scale and across all the publishers that matter

Drive engagement and ROI

Our mobile advertising platform grants access to expert scale, automation, reporting, and optimization tools engineered to increase app usage and generate ROI.

  • Run multi-publisher campaigns from one place

  • Robust campaigns, creative management, and cross-publisher budget management

  • Granular cohort analyses, reporting, and insights

  • Full funnel optimizations of ads and in-app user actions

Scale lifetime value and retain your best users

Skai helps engage your customers well beyond the install and optimize in-app actions that grow user lifetime value (LTV).

  • Analyze monetization behavior
  • Understand funnel maturity over time
  • Optimize toward loyal customers

Do more with Skai

“Skai has really helped us scale our Apple Search Ads campaigns in a way I would never have achieved by myself. With the tool taking care of the results, I am now able to allocate more time to develop plans that will help me further our Apple Search Ads campaigns.”

Sergio Andres Ramirez Perez, Team Lead, C-Date

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Go beyond the install and increase LTV

App marketers know the install is only the beginning. A cross-publisher marketing strategy is essential in making your app not only stand out among millions, but also remain sticky.

That’s where we come in. We empower you to focus on the insights and strategies that drive results. Create holistic marketing and acquisition programs at scale, tailored to your unique objectives.

Fueling the world's largest brands and agencies with totally intelligent app marketing

...and totally game-changing results

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#1 in cross-channel app marketing

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Get 24/7 support, no matter what you need

We’ll never leave you hanging. We have teams of experts ready to support you at every stage. Beginning with white-glove onboarding, plus technical management, 24/7 support, robust education and training, and world-class client service, our teams will help you exceed your KPIs, grow your business, and beat your competition.

Training and Education

Solve strategic hurdles with the most intelligent app marketing solution

No more disconnected data
View and optimize toward post-install metrics and MMP data.

Making it simple to scale
Easily manage large volumes of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Reporting at your fingertips
See custom reports in real time, any time.

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